Ferrari 512S Modulo


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The relationship between James Glickenhaus and Pininfarina is evidently going from strength to strength, as the American collector has persuaded the Italian design house to part with the one-off Ferrari 512S Modulo concept of 1970… Interestingly, the Ferrari 512S Modulo isn’t the first one-off Ferrari to end up in Glickenhaus’ collection via Cambiano: first came the road-and-race P4/5 pairing, with the unique 1967 Dino Competizione prototype following them soon afterwards. Andrea Pininfarina’s reluctance to sell the Dino, and now the Modulo, apparently waned after seeing how active Glickenhaus keeps the cars in his collection. “Unless something truly special comes my way, I’ve no desire to further extend my collection,” says Glickenhaus. “I don’t want to own stuff that I don’t have the time to drive. It’s no use to have many cars sitting here, rusting and turning into dust. I’ve never understood why people would want their classic cars to have low mileage. It’s like saving your beautiful girlfriend for the next one.”

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