a message of Facbook for new year for Michael Boeke-Grzimek II



a message of Facbook for new year 

for Michael Boeke-Grzimek II


blocket 24 hours !!!!

 that was your answer to my question !!!!

you want to break me :( !!!!


 I now know what you are !!!!


no hope 

only a "DRUG"
  and high dangerous for unstable people !!!!!



happy new year facebook :)


  sometimes I'm not sure I have  friends Here :/
many have gone out of facebook :(
because their only fear and scare spread
many do not talk to me anymore
only send pictures
and I can not send photos
30 days  talking forbade on my main page :(((




before you important  for me "facebook"
I thought to live without eBay I can no longer
after that it was MySpace
someday there will be a space
that will give me "right hope"
and "real fun" 
 I can feel this
because many people want this !!!
and no longer wants somebody to intimidate us

the people who need a friend !!!
and not somebody to exploit me
and spits out when he no longer needs me



facebook why do not like the photo ???
because it's not "your ass" I have to lick, to be your friend ?
you're jealous :D ))
jealousy is lack of self-confidence!

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