my grandfather nr. 2 in berlin,
construction in the year 1880 :) was master dyer for hats
he has  for Borsalino, inked raw hats (Hat pillar) until, fabrication, was set (60s-70s?) 



he was in possession of a formula,
cotton and other materials completely through to color,
with the formula I can dyeing jeans, that looks never worn,
because the material is colored by full, the formula I have now,
and if she had someone else, it would utilize him nothing ....
because She is mine ... official ...!

 I learned olso as a child how hats are made, My father worked hard every day, and I watched, and Try this itself in the hat factory, founded in 1920, in the yard  in our business & living house (rented parts) but who still wears hats ... the australian ... because of the ozone hole ...

 I also learned from a straw ribbon, on a special sewing machine,  
a has to sew from the center like a licorice slug .....
was great fun
for me as a child

Straw Hat sewing machine. deterministic mines 100 years old
there is no buying new one, They Are So more robust than
the plastic bomber productions of today

  `•. ¸ ƸӜƷ
`'* ° . ¸. ¨'` '* ° ..